I’ve lost my crucial time and place

Sep 12th, 2002 | Filed under LiveJournal Import

People are too hung up on a lot of bad things… Making money, for starters. Look at the music industry, and how profit-driven it’s become. Look at the anti-trust suits brought against Clear Channel for all the stunts they’ve pulled, and the lawsuits against anybody who even thinks of infringing the copyright of the large media companies…

Now sometimes I pick up my guitar, and I think “Yeah, I wanna be a rockstar”. I think of all the music I could play, the people I could influence, the fame I could get and the attention that would lead to. I don’t immediately think about the money involved, or the idea that I might get rich off it. Frankly, if this world were to allow me to make a living off doing something I love, then I wouldn’t dare ask for a penny more than I need, because I’d already be getting more than I’d deserve.

Right now, I feel quite well off. I make about fifty quid a day, which amounts to about a thousand a month. Two days of my money per week goes on renting a nice enough house and paying the bills for it. The other three days per week goes on food, clothes, going out, treats etc. And if that’s how it was going to be for the rest of my life, then I’d be more than happy with that deal. If I want to keep myself in my old age, I’d need a bit more money. If I wanted to run a car, I’d need a bit more money. If I wanted to start a family, I’d need a bit more money. But otherwise, it’s fine by me.

Speaking of cars, I really don’t want one. Being faced with the sheer stupidity and hatred of the human race over the last couple of years has conditioned me to question everything in the world, and re-analyse all the things I thought I knew and took for granted. One of those things is cars – in the mornings, I see so many people, all going in the same direction, all with one person per car, and the point of public transport is suddenly very obvious… Not that I especially mind the situation on an individual level, since one extra car isn’t going to make much difference. But worldwide, it’s a big problem, and one which I personally have no intention of contributing to.

I guess my point is that everything is about money these days, even artistic things. For instance, when you buy a CD, you’re not buying the song, you’re licensing the song from the copyright holder, and it’s no more yours than something you borrow off a friend. And that’s fair enough, but there are two types of musician out there; there’s the artists who say “If you can’t afford our record, just download it off the Internet”, and there’s the artists who say “We’re going so sue anybody that facilitates free transfer of music”. I’m more inclined to buy the CDs of the former group.

I really really hope that I never get to a point where the pursuit of money ever affects my judgement or opinion….

  1. Woz
    Sep 12th, 2002 at 04:47
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    Two days of my money per week goes on renting a nice enough house and paying the bills for it.

    Two days per week!? Really!? Sheesh – thats actually a lot for a student household! I mean I was a wealthy student (and no apologies for that – I worked to gain my sponsorship) and had a VERY nice flat in the middle of Edinburgh – and that was only £47 a week plus bills (which were tiny) per week! This was in 1997 but still I find it amazing that student accomodation costs so much!


    • James
      Sep 12th, 2002 at 05:03
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      I’m not entirely sure what my rent is… Somewhere in the region of £60 per week, I think – it’s about 270 per month, plus bills… Electricity doesn’t come especially cheap, plus phone, broadband costs….

      In all fairness, it is a reasonably nice house in the middle of Brighton, right in the midst of all the small independent shops, five minutes walk from the sea and half a minute’s walk from the station….

      • Woz
        Sep 12th, 2002 at 05:31
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        Yes pcm it would be £260/month!

        You are saying you put aside two days pay/week – pcm that equates to £433.33 a month! Take off your rent and as an individual you have bills of £173/month – IN A SHARED HOUSE!

        Erm – broadband being what £29.99/month? Thats £143/month in bills!? So how many people in the house? Assuming 4 – 5 that would mean the total bills for ths house equate to £573/month (4 people) OR £716 (5 people)!!!!!

        THAT – is way way too much! If true I would suggest someone else – and possibly the whole street – is using your electricity, water and gas!

        Of course the variable is the phone here – but even so – its still a lot!!!!!

        You guys need a good financial advisor!?

        • James
          Sep 12th, 2002 at 05:42
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          Let me think…. Rent is about £270 per month. Broadband adds £30 to that. We get through about £40 electricity per month, of which I pay half because I always have my PC on (it was that, or get into a lengthy argument about the fact that they leave lights and stereos and TVs on all the time, and I didn’t fancy it)… So that’s £320. Then the house phone, which is no more than £10, plus my mobile which is at least £20, more often £30. So that’s about £360. Gas and water are minimal, I can’t even remember the last time I owed any money for paying either… Add a domain name or two and we’re getting on for close to £400.

          So that’s near enough to two days pay. Ultimately it doesn’t quite work out that way – in practice, I set aside my student loan to pay my rent and broadband, and I consider everything else optional spending to come out of the pay I earn over the summer… But you get the idea :o)

          • Woz
            Sep 12th, 2002 at 05:56
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            I get the idea – but I’m going to be a picky barstool here:
            Two days of my money per week goes on renting a nice enough house and paying the bills for it.

            Aint strictly true is it – unless you seriously consider domain names as ousehold bills – and for that matter broadband also!

            BUT I do see the expense – and its most frightening in comparison to my happy student days – despite inflation!

          • James
            Sep 12th, 2002 at 06:05
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            I do consider them more or less as household bills. It’s a fixed sum that is going to have to leave my account every month, much in the same manner that line rental for the phone and broadband does, likewise rent.

          • Woz
            Sep 12th, 2002 at 06:27
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            Well thats fair enough as you see it – but i doubt many people would consider that as “paying the bills for it”!

  2. Shanu
    Sep 12th, 2002 at 08:51
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    Look at the music industry, and how profit-driven it’s become.


    • James
      Sep 12th, 2002 at 09:51
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      It didn’t used to be THIS bad, because there used to be more diversity in the companies that owned it all… Now it’s all monopolies.. :o\

      • Amanda
        Sep 12th, 2002 at 10:12


        I agree. This must mean there’s some exponential formula of increase for greed in which population rate is a major variable…

        Of course domain names and other such expenses are household bills for you, J. There’s nothing wrong with that. I for one can’t imagine it any other way. :oD

      • Shanu
        Sep 12th, 2002 at 16:11

        it’s always been this bad, mate. the exact reasons why just change periodically. it’s an industry; by definition it’s about money, not art.

  3. Amanda
    Sep 12th, 2002 at 09:57


    I understand what you mean about cars. I’ve been without one for almost two years. I spent the first year whining and wishing I had one again. But, around the time the second year started I realized that I’ve been getting along fine without it and they’re really just monolithic status symbols.

    If I start making enough money to get one again, that’ll be fine. But, I’m not going to waste my energy striving for it right now. It isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Constant necessity for gas-money, maintenence, something’s always breaking and all that shit. My feet work better than a vehicle 99% of the time.

    Plus, I have good friends with cars. Ride-sharing = Good. :o)

  4. Amanda
    Sep 12th, 2002 at 10:05

    Let me add…

    Money sucks. It complicates everything. I like to make a living just as much as the next guy and I’m considerably responsible with my finances. Yes, every now and then I even like to pamper myself with a new set of underwear or something along those lines. But, I can’t see myself ever getting greedy. I just want enough to live on and have a few small perks every now and then. Nothing less, nothing more. Why is everyone so greedy?