A good haul…

Dec 25th, 2007 | Filed under LiveJournal Import

It’s been a good Christmas so far..

In my stocking, I got DVD-Rs, chocolate coins, various other chocolate items, books, marmite biscuits, a garlic crusher, floating Thomas the Tank Engine soap, and a Doctor Who flannel.

Then, so far for main presents, I got a cool floating pen from my sister, plus Transformers Monopoly from her too, a DVD from Edward, various cooking ingredients from my parents, a nice shirt and some trousers from my in-laws, chilli chocolate from Anthony, and some flexible chopping boards..

And the main present was £200 for the holiday fund, between me and Naomi. So when we hit Barbados in February, we’ll have about £500 in spending money (so far)… So about $1,000, which should be enough for nice meals all week, plus fun activities :o)

Christmas is good :o)

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