How absolutely weird

Jan 26th, 2008 | Filed under LiveJournal Import

I had a dream in which there was actually dramatic irony.. Either that, or the events happened out of order, or got ret-con’d..

Naomi and I went to a drive-in theatre, which basically involved parking in a field that had a big hole in a wall into a theatre. We couldn’t see the stage, but apparently that was okay, because it was actually a radio show.. Alan Shearer was there with my friend James from school, and they were giggling about seeing “The John Mills” bit, but I didn’t really understand what they were on about.. Then the play started, and everybody put masks on so as to block out the light and concentrate just on the sound. I picked up my mask, and attached was a programme, which read thus:

“The scene in
which the vicar
enters her
bedroom and
gives comfort
to her and then
leaves promptly
is scored by
John Mills”

So, weirdly, my brain had probably worked that bit out already, and just failed to reveal it to me earlier in the dream.. Very weird..

Then there was some odd shit with my uncle and some rainbows, but I don’t think it was related…

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