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Wrong. Logically flawed. Economically unviable.

The prices that they give as “going rates” for the work that women do are set by existing levels of supply and demand, not to mention the fact that they are undertaken by people with entirely different overhead costs. If being a housewife was an open market, the competition within it would drive average salaries right down. Certainly I wouldn’t expect to pay a lay-person the same rate as an accountant in the first place, but even if I did, with all those housewives in the free housewife marketplace, I’m sure I could find a cheaper price.

One more thing.. since most of the work is being done by the woman for the woman, she would therefore have to pay herself at least half of the salary.. So I would pay her £15k, on which she’d have to pay tax, then she would have to pay herself the remainder, plus enough to cover the tax already taken, on which she’d pay further tax. Ultimately, she would earn about £11,000 for herself, and we as a unit would have paid the government £4,000 for the fact that our house has been kept clean. The word “fail” has never felt so appropriate.

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  1. Woz
    Feb 19th, 2008 at 17:53
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    I couldn’t agree more. The comparison just doesn’t work and couldn’t even be used to generate anything near a “ball park” figure.

    I take issue with the “9 hours a day” claim. I mean – how can you spend 9 hours a day looking after a house and children? Ok if you have a young infant who is not in school this is likely! But really, do all those women stood outside the school near my house for 2 hours every morning chatting about utter bollocks reallky expect us to believe that constitutes working.

    My sister has played this card for years and it bugs me. A life of visting so and so’s mum or walking the dog or shopping etc etc is not working! Hell I’d give anything to be out shopping or walking across fields with a pet than sat dealing with office crap all day.

    9 hours a day my arse!

  2. Alex
    Feb 19th, 2008 at 19:32
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    Heh, it reminds me of the calculation they published a few years ago regarding how much your free time was worth, and showed that it wasn’t worth doing any housework if you were, say, a Doctor. I personally couldn’t see any flaws in *that* one at all!