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To James,
I hope you have many good ‘raunchy’ weekends in Wales with your bird. Maybe I’ll see you at Sussex (hopefully not!)
Good luck etc. etc.

Hi ya James
I can still remembre remember at the start of year 12 you thought I was a violent person!! I hope you’ve now b realised I’m not. My great achievement is consistantly beating you in chem test.
See ya
(remember the lock and key)

In years to come you’ll look back on your school life years and hopefully remember that together we managed to talk and annoy all four of our teachers and then smile knowing that was the greatest thing you’ll ever do with your life.

It’s been a huge pleasure teaching you James. I with you every success in everything you do in the future.
Jon Ryder

To James
Well what can I say about Lord Bills only and hopefully ever pagan. Your mystercism is bazzar however your taste in music and knowledge of Star Wars makes up for this by far. Keep in contact so that we can arrange another Star Wars day after the next film. Good luck.
Matthew (sworn enemy!)

As a token of my heart felt friendship towards you I have scattered small samples of non-dodgy bodily fluid (the nose-dwelling variety) on this page. Perhaps one day, when you are incredibly rich from the great job you’re gonna get, you could use the DNA from this gift to produce a test tube baby with your own DNA….. and produce what would probably be the WEIRDEST KID ON THE PLANET!
Love Char x
Bit greedy on space (sorry)

It’s been a great two years knowing you and all that chocolate and even a CD you gave me for all those tests. You always kept me alert – every time I said something stupid you pounced on it and wouldn’t let me forget it!! The field trip was great – all that wrestling you, me and Ollie did! I’ll always remember that last Monday of school ever – all that abuse we wrote about each other on Mrs Hawley’s register! Anyway, keep in touch, Phil.

Ever since Mrs Cook’s class when you kissed me on the hand five times I’ve been in love with you. I’ve known you for too many years to remember all the funny things that have happened – there have been far too many. Thanks for the company on the walks to the bus stop and keeping me amused on the bus. One thing though (just a bit of advice), keep “chem” under your collar!!! I wish you every success in the future and I hope you fulfil all your sexual dreams. Be good (not too good), go careful and have fun, see you around, love Jo.

Good luck Webley,
Isn’t the Internet good.

You’re a bit of a cyber geek aren’t you. Only joking, you are my namesake so I won’t slag you off too much, except to say that your opinions on your website were some of the most strange, but funny things I’ve ever read. All the best in the future, your ginger mate, Travis.

Best wishes James!
It’s been a pleasure to know you and to see that you have (almost) learned to get up in the morning and come to school every day! I am sure that you will do well and enjoy your future studies. Good luck!
Ann Lord

Over the last two years I have found you very very annoying, but still I hope that your huge brain succeeds in world domination, but not until the day before you pass away so you get power and then it is snatched away, ha ha ha ha
Emma xx

Scarily enough I’ve known you for 13 years (I think I may be mentally scarred). From our time together at Mill Lane (so much can be said, Derbyshire, Ali Barbar etc.) to our time at Lord Bills. Throughout you have always been the same, the quiet, clever one who comes out with some strange things (only joking). But you have always been nice and we have got along well. Good luck for the future, although I don’t think you’ll need it (as long as you bother to keep working) and I hope to see you in the future (and that’s the honest truth!)

I have enjoyed your company but what a chatterbox!
Sarah Hawley

(with an arrow pointing to the above) ditto, J Fuller
(and I’ve had to put up with it for 5 years! – and it has been a pleasure, honest)

Having read many comments in this book I feel it overall really sums you up. Intelligent yet strange! Well, strange as in some of the words protruding from your mouth! I know you’ll be famous one day, but I’m not sure why, perhaps for dodgy things going on, on the Internet! Oh well good luck, and I hope you have all the success in the world.
Love you lots

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