Aug 13th, 2008 | Filed under LiveJournal Import

There is a significant difference between different train lines’ ideas of what is “standard” and what it “first” class.

Sitting in a Southwest Trains carriage, they’re going for the approach of giving people minimal leg room, and fitting in up to five people per “row”. This is their idea of “standard”, and if you upgrade to first class (typically for twice the cost), then you get the benefits of having arm-rests, seats large enough that they can only fit four in per row, and the chance of a table in front of you.

Switch over to Great Western trains, and suddenly those things are standard. If you go First Class, then you get a luxuriously wide seat (such that only three fit into any one row), which reclines, a guarantee of a large table, a free newspaper, and free snacks and drinks for the whole journey. All this for roughly the same multiplicative cost.

It gets slightly irritating having to pay extra on Southwest for a service that comes as standard on FGW.. :o\

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