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Well, that is interesting..

We’ll put aside for a second the fact that action prior to an election is generally avoided. Who needs the risk of a potentially unpopular decision barely more than a month before people head to the polls? But that’s not exactly what this is..

In my head, I have this analogy, whereby Capitalism is a huge bully who takes money from anybody it can, and operates on a “Might is Right” basis. In that analogy, Socialism is a bit of a wimp, but has a lot of friends. The important thing is that Socialism is inherently nice, to the point of being a doormat. Capitalism is inherently selfish. We’ll call them Cap and Soc for fun..

Now, in the world as I had previously thought it existed, Cap got into a whole bunch of trouble. Turns out that Cap has an addiction to feed, which is why he steals so much money. And like many addictions, it got out of control, he stole too much, got arrested, and now Cap is looking at a hefty fine which he cannot pay, because he doesn’t think ahead. Of course, that’s okay, because Soc is a nice guy, and though not as rich as Cap, he has lots of friends who can all help out, and make Cap’s problems go away.

Now in this fairytale world, Soc bails Cap out, and Cap goes back to stealing money from Soc, cautiously at first, but doesn’t learn any lessons because it’s not in his nature to change. This entire fiasco has proved to Cap that in fact, he can do what he wants, because Soc will always bail him out. And he’s right – Soc will always bail him out, because the cost of inherent niceness is being walked over.

But that’s not actually how it worked out in reality. Turns out, Soc doesn’t have any friends any more, nobody likes it, everybody thinks it’s too easily taken advantage of. Cap now has to rot in jail, and Soc, in the absence of any friends, is now deceased.

So there I was thinking that Socialism would have to bail Capitalism out, and nobody would learn their lessons.. Turns out, Socialism is dead. I’m not sure if that’s better or worse….

  1. Dale
    Sep 30th, 2008 at 17:29
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    But the question remains was the bailout real Socialism or was it just politicians bailing out their corporate financers?

    Wouldn’t an old Labor real socialism do more to help the people who might be losing their homes instead of the banks on Wall Street? The bailout was hated on the left for not punishing Wall Street enough or helping the ever popular little guy. The bailout was hated on the right for being a false Socialism that does hurts the free market and limited stuff like executive bailouts.