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Oops, basically..

So Edward and I went for a walk last night.. The idea was to get up into the hills while it was light, take some pictures of the village while it was dark, then come home as quickly as possible, using torches etc.. So we went up, and all was well, and we got there about half an hour before sunset or thereabouts, and I took various pictures.

Eventually I got a bit bored, since it wasn’t getting dark quickly enough – what I had failed to consider was the fact that from the hills, the village is due west, which meant the sky stayed light for bloody ages.. Nuts..

So we decided to come down the hill, the most direct way possible (straight down). We’d gone down this route before, so it seemed the best way.. Anyway, long story short, we managed to somehow get onto a track which took us all the way back up the hill, to almost where we started. It was too dark to go back down the way we’d originally come, so we had to go down the road, and get back home the long way. Which sucked somewhat.

But here’s a map:

The red route (running roughly left to right) is where we walked originally, in order to get up to the hills (marked with a little circle). The plan was then to go down the hill (in blue), then cut across (in green) back to our original path, and head home that way. As you can see, we went left too early on the blue path, which took us back to the top of the hill, and then back along the road home from there.

The worst bit.. The absolute worst bit of all… Is that looking at it now, when we got to the top of the hill and realised our terrible mistake, it looks very much like our quickest route home would have been just to retrace our steps, and get back to looking for the right path. In fact, that would have been much faster. The reason we didn’t do it was mostly that a) there was no guarantee of finding the right path, whereas the road was a certain route home, and b) that path was muddy enough coming up, it would have been far more slippery going the other way, and we’d probably have ended up caked..

Still, talk about frustrating.. We’ll know not to make THAT mistake again..

What is amusing though is the fact that the above picture was the darkest it really got while we were still on the hill.. You can see the motorway off in the distance, but everything is just too light still from the illumination of the sky.. However, because it took so bloody long to get home, by the time we were going down the road that leads down the hill, it was pretty much dark. So really, we could’ve saved all the hassle, and just gone up there at night instead..

This was much closer to the sort of pictures that I was actually aiming for.. If only we’d had more time, I would have played with some settings a bit more – alas, we were on a road, and while not entirely busy, it was pretty lethal, so we didn’t want to hang around..

All in all though, I didn’t have a bad time :o)

  1. Liza
    Oct 6th, 2008 at 12:51
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    That is beautiful.

  2. plainoljane
    Oct 7th, 2008 at 01:47
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    I love the colour of the sky where you live.