I’m so in awe of you, and I don’t know what to do..

Oct 7th, 2008 | Filed under LiveJournal Import

Right, let’s try this whole set list thing, while at the gig.. China Crisis have just left the stage after a decent set, but I don’t really know many of their songs, so no point even trying there.. Christian, Africa & White and Wishful Thinking all came up..

And between the bands, they played some quality 80s and 90s music.. Slave to Love, More Than This, among others.. Stuff I used to listen to many years ago..

But onto the main event..

1. Don’t actually know, but the intro was terrifying, and the song awesome :o)
2. What’s wrong with me? Another one I don’t know.. It doesn’t matter of course, his voice hasn’t changed in 30 years, so I could listen to him singing just about anything and it would take me back to 1991..
3. Messages
4. Fuckin’ Tesla Girls :D
5. No idea, too busy buzzing from the last one anyway..
6. Forever Live and Die
7. If You Leave (from Pretty in Pink, in your face AMA!)
8. Don’t know this one..
9. Christ, I know every word to this, but the name escapes me.. I’ll kick myself later..
10. Joan of Arc, I believe (though I always confuse the name with Maid of Orleans)
11. This is the other one.. So probably Maid of Orleans..
12. Not sure..
13. Talking Loud and Clear
14. Dream of Me
15. Pandora’s Box :D :D
16. Locomotion
17. Sailing on the Seven Seas :D :D :D
18. Enola Gay

19. Walking on the Milky Way :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
20. Electricity

And that’s it.. Fucking awesome.. Now time to find my way home…

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