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I’ve added links where relevant,

The following is the current list of bands I’ve seen live:

Bjorn Again
The Corrs (22nd December 1998)
REM (22nd June 1999)
Semisonic (October 1999)
Live (8th December 1999)
Everclear (report)
Lifehouse (ramblings)
Eminem (8th March 2001)
D12 (12th September 2001)
Sum 41 (report)
Rachel Stamp (mention)
Tool (mention)
Antiproduct (mention)
Saves the Day (review)
Mansun (mention)
Reel Big Fish (August 2002?)
No Use for a Name (report)
Audio Karate (report, first time meeting Kat, more)
The Vandals (30th November 2002)
The Ataris (report, another)
Easyworld (17th July 2003, and others)
David Ford (a mention)
Joseph Arthur (4th October 2005)
Feeder (1st December 2005)
Placebo (a mention)
Goo Goo Dolls (report)
Red Hot Chili Peppers (3rd July 2006)
James (report)
Erasure (a mention, a followup)
Sting and the Police (19th October 2007)
Stars (report)
Elbow (a mention, full report pending)
OMD (report)

I’ve seen the following as support bands, or at much smaller shows:

Dakota Moon
White Rain
The God Awfuls
4ft Fingers
Tsunami Bomb
Hot Rod Circuit
Lily Fraser
Apostle of Hustle
China Crisis

And at festivals or very limited shows:

Fenix TX
Dashboard Confessional
Jesse James
Mercury Rev
Dandy Warhols
A New Found Glory
Jimmy Eat World
Jane’s Addiction
Less than Jake
Sick of it All
The Feeling


Seeing Live play They Stood Up For Love, which was (and to some extent still is) one of my favourite songs.. And this was the first time I’d seen a favourite song performed, so it had extra meaning..

Seeing Lifehouse in general, but specifically Hanging by a Moment (which made me cry a little) and Everything (which made me cry quite a lot).. Nothing like going to watch you and your girlfriend’s “your song” less than a week after finding out she’s been cheating on you to confuse the emotions.. The fact that it was their first ever UK gig, at a venue for just a hundred people (basically a pub with a little stage in the corner) just made it all the more special :o)

Seeing James play Sit Down, which was one of my favourite songs of 1991, and was one of the first songs I liked when I first started getting “into” music.

Which leads me to seeing Erasure play Love to Hate You, also one of my favourites from 1991, and also one of the first songs I liked when I started developing my own taste in music. Also on the first album I ever owned, which I received on casette tape for my tenth birthday.

Which then leads me to seeing OMD play Sailing on the Seven Seas (and, to a lesser extent, Pandora’s Box), which was the other song I got into in 1991.. Between this, Love to Hate You and Sit Down, that pretty much made up my three favourite songs aged nine, and the fact that I’ve now seen all three performed makes me very happy indeed :o)

On that subject, seeing OMD play Walking on the Milky Way was also amazing, because that’s one of my three official “favourite songs ever” (which is mostly an honourary title now, since it was set in 1996, and has remained unchanged since then, in spite of all the music I’ve listened to since). It is highly unlikely that I’ll ever see the other two, since one band doesn’t really tour any more, and the other has tried a come-back and ruined anything that was ever good about them..

Seeing the Goo Goo Dolls play Slide makes the list.. This was one of the two songs I listened to obsessively when I was in New York for the first time (along with Every Morning by Sugar Ray). I remember listening to the album on my discman when waiting for the bus to midtown from the upper west side, having bought it at Tower Records in Broadway earlier that week.. Very happy memories – New York is just about my favourite place in the world (along with a few others – I’m very bad at sticking to just one favourite anything).

Seeing Stars play Elevator Love Letter, which was at the time (and probably still is) my actual favourite song, as opposed to being a song that just holds that title.. In a lot of cases, I’ve seen bands play former favourites, after I’ve lost any immediate interest, but in this case I saw the song at the very height of my Stars-love.

Variously seeing Audio Karate play a gig using my brother’s guitar (because it’s pretty awesome), or seeing them play a gig with my amp.. In both cases, it just made me feel really happy that between the two of us, we have equipment that’s good enough to play gigs with (I’m sure my Epiphone Gothic Les Paul is probably almost good enough when correctly set up, but maybe not quite), and it was nice to see the stuff up there on stage doing what it’s meant to do.. I feel bad for my amp, sitting there, collecting dust, having only mediocre songs played on it.. ’twas nice to see it touring the country a bit, getting to experience life as a *real* amplifier :o)

And finally, probably seeing ‘Easyworld’ play at Paul and Relly’s wedding.. Inverted commas used because technically speaking, it’s not a gig, nor was it really Easyworld as such, it was just the same people, in places playing the same songs.. Nothing like seeing your current favourite band, who you’ve only seen at gigs in the past, playing at a party with a big bunch of people that you know.. It also amused me that there were plenty of die-hard fans who would’ve killed to be there – it’s always nice to get special stuff :o)

  1. bandersnatch_02
    Oct 13th, 2008 at 13:20
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    “Elevator Love Letter” is a fabulous song, but I think “Look Up” narrowly beats it.

    • James
      Oct 13th, 2008 at 13:22
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      They played that at one of the gigs, but I’m buggered if I can remember which.. I think it was probably the one in October of last year.. I love that one, it’s on my list of “Five Star Stars Songs”, but Elevator Love Letter makes me buzz in a way that no other song can :o)

      • bandersnatch_02
        Oct 13th, 2008 at 13:58
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        It is a great tune — I am always a sucker for the male/female duet, and E.L.L. is a prime example.

        “Ageless Beauty” would have to be another on my Stars top 5. Have you heard their more recent albums? I sort of lost track of them after Set Yourself On Fire.

        • James
          Oct 13th, 2008 at 14:00
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          Indeed, I have their most recent album, and an EP they released a few weeks ago, which has an awesome live version of Going Going Gone on it.. The songs are a bit more produced now, at least on the albums, but they still translate well to live performance.. :o)

  2. Kaya
    Oct 13th, 2008 at 16:12
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    awww, elevator love letter is such a pretty song. and i love slide.

    and you’ve seen some AWESOME bands live.

  3. andies_anatomy
    Oct 13th, 2008 at 18:04
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    The Goo Goo Dolls are my life, and Slide is an amazing song.

    I want to see them live sooooo badly.