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All things taken into account, I had quite a good weekend really..

Went over to Naomi’s on Friday night, and after much deliberation, we ended up getting pizza and eating it in front of the TV.. Can’t think for the life of me what was on, but the pizza was delicious :o)

Had a really lazy day on Saturday, pretty much only getting out of bed in order to go to the gig.. We turned up about fifteen minutes before Elbow came on stage, which meant that we didn’t have to leave the house until quite late, which is always a bonus.. Not that getting in first and heading to the front isn’t fun, but this was a weekend for taking things at a leisurely pace :o)

Sunday was fairly quiet too, punctuated only by the act of taking the dog for a walk through the woods.. Then uncharacteristically, I stayed there for Sunday night too, bringing my total to about 60 hours or so.. It’s kind of depressing that three nights together in a row has become a luxury rather than the norm, but we’ll be getting back to that soon enough.. Anyway, it was just nice to be able to stick around :o)

As part of our impromptu Takeaway Weekend, we managed to have curry on Sunday night.. Naomi tried some of my vindaloo, and seemed very shocked at how hot it was.. Apparently, despite being renowned for being the hottest thing you can order, she thought people were exaggerating.. She knows different now ;o)

All in all, a very good weekend.. :o)

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  1. lapenn
    Oct 14th, 2008 at 14:55
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    that sounds super nice. I love weekends like that.