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Oct 14th, 2008 | Filed under LiveJournal Import

Two things..

The first is that Last.fm tells me (though I’m not a member myself) that several gigs I’ve been to were also attended by people I used to know. I find that supremely creepy, what if I ran into them? This isn’t to say I’ve been stalking people – I was checking out a setlist, and they had a list of people who attended, and at least one person I knew was on the front page of that.. Oh well, these things happen :o)

Secondly, while looking through old entries for gig reports and the like, I found a few tournament reports from playing Ultimate.. Something caught my eye, and I was reminded just how funny it is to fake a hammer, but rather than releasing just hold the disc behind the head of the person who’s marking you.. Invariably, they call “up!” distracting everybody else, and losing any concentration they might formerly have had in terms of stall-count, or actually marking you. It’s at this point that you go “Aha!” and then throw the disc however you want to, without them interfering :o)

As an aside, looking at that link, it makes me happy to think that I’m pretty good at every single one of those throws :o)

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