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The BBC want some decent data-driven conditional content on their front page.

As it stood a couple of minutes ago, one of the front page stories was “Shares up as confidence returns”, in which they described how “the Dow Jones rose 1.3%”. That’s great, but they also have live market data on the front page, which shows a drop of 0.1%, not a rise.

If you’ve got live data sources like that, you really want to be able to use them to pull stories where necessary. So only keep that story live which the Dow is up on its starting value – if it drops down into negative growth, quietly suppress the story, it is no longer correct.

Though if we’re talking about a wishlist, I guess proof-readers and competent editors should perhaps be higher up the list. Not to mention an appreciation for the difference between a sentence and a paragraph.

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  1. Azz
    Oct 14th, 2008 at 16:41
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    it’d be nice if they started by hiring a few journalists..