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Nov 15th, 2008 | Filed under LiveJournal Import

Several things today have made me feel broody.. But I’ll come back to that..

Naomi and I decided not to go for the flat we found after all – we would have needed to find an enormous amount of money in order to move in (over £3,200 before Naomi gets paid), and we just generally started re-thinking the whole thing..

But I do believe that by not spending such an insane amount of money now, money which could be better spent on paying off debts and such, it puts us in a much better position.. The last thing I want is for us to make poor decisions, financially ruin ourselves, and then find that we have to put back the kids thing while we try to save more money..

So this way I can keep getting broody, knowing that we’re probably closer to buying a house this way, and therefore closer to the future that we actually want :o)

  1. Liza
    Nov 15th, 2008 at 18:58
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    =) Doing things the right way sucks sometimes, but never nearly as much as they would when you rush and try to cut corners.

  2. Anonymous
    Nov 15th, 2008 at 21:46
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    If you don’t HAVE to move, then not going for it is perfectly acceptable. It’ll save money and a lot of stress, if nothing else.