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It’s been a pretty good week, if a little tiring… :o)

Monday and Tuesday night were spent in a hotel in Guildford with Naomi, which was awesome.. Actually spending consecutive nights in the same bed is a rare treat lately, and it was just great to spend some quality time together in our own space (or as near as you can get without actually having your own space). We went out for dinner both nights, which involved some pizza, some pasta, and a nice break from cooking :o)

Then on Wednesday, I went back to Reading after work to spend another night with Naomi (three in a row? Something must be wrong!), before heading to Bristol for work on Thursday. That in itself was quite an interesting experience – heading to the city where we used to live off the back of three days together meant that it didn’t have the usual sting.. Normally when I go there, I can’t help but remember all the time we spent there together, and it makes me ache to think of not living together any more.

But this time was entirely different.. I was able to just enjoy being there, and the happy memories were just sweet, rather than bittersweet.. It’s definitely a good way of doing it :o)

The hotel in Bristol on Thursday was a bit of a nightmare.. Staying in hotels alone is never all that much fun, and with a very audible Christmas party going on and keeping me up, it wasn’t the best night’s sleep I’ve ever had. Which just meant that my nine hour day of work on Friday was even less easy to get through, and by the time I got home, I was just about ready to collapse.

It’s been kind of odd spending four nights away from home, keeping on doing something different each time, and staying in four different places in four days.. It’s been a good week, but it’s nice to be able to calm down and relax now that I have nothing to do :o)

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