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Sometimes it’s kind of hard to know quite how to frame a particular story, in order to make sure that it comes across as it’s intended.. Do you just throw the facts out there, or do you try to put your own editorial spin on it in the hope that people reach the same conclusions that you did?

So here are some facts.. Around here we sort of hit the kerb with the side of the wheels, a little.. Not entirely ideal, but it was either that or be hit by the idiot coming the other way…

Then when we arrived where we were going (here), we realised that the front left hubcap was missing.

It’s hard to fully explain what happened next. Basically, I knew where it was. I can’t explain exactly how, I thought I might have heard a sound or something, but Naomi didn’t hear anything, and I couldn’t exactly remember what the sound might have been.

So I ran off, and found the hubcap here, exactly where I knew it would be, propped up nicely against the side of the bridge. It was virtually giftwrapped.

And that’s where I’ll leave it, lest I get a bit too annoying over the thing. Basically, sometimes things just work out perfectly :o)

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