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Map of where we went last night

Right.. So.. New Year’s Eve..

It’s basically a story of going around in lots of circles, but not in a bad way. After work was finished, I took a bus to Oxford, and from there a train to Reading, in time to pick up our takeaway curry.. I’m not entirely convinced that there’s all that much I can say about that, except that in recent months I’ve eaten a lot less spicy food than I used to, which made my chicken vindaloo just that little bit harder to get through. Absolutely delicious, but I’m out of practice..

Anyway, after watching TV with Naomi and Anthony for a bit, we decided to go out and find a nice hill, with views of fireworks displays. Our first destination was the Wild Wood, of The Wind in the Willows fame – i.e., the hills above Marlow, overlooking the Thames. We drove up some winding roads, which had great views, and even saw a few fireworks here and there.. But unfortunately, there was nowhere to park, so even though it would have been perfect, it’s not like we could just pull over at the side of the road and hope not to get trashed by oncoming traffic..

So with that plan in tatters, we needed a new plan.. The only hills I really knew properly were the ones near where I live, and since we were kind of on our way there anyway, I directed us towards those.. After one false start (the area seemed a bit dodgy), and having realised that our intended destination might be too far to reach in the limited time we had, we decided to head up one of the lanes just outside my village..

In the end, we spent the new year stood on a railway platform that’s been closed for fifty years, not that far up the hill, but far enough that we could see across the fields without problems.. We saw fireworks along the horizon in just about every direction, and the sound of them echo’d off the hills in a cool rumbling sort of way..

Off towards Thame, there were a series of what I can only describe as fountains of light, all along the horizon, as people having various displays managed to coincide with one another.. It really was very impressive, though I think if we’d had a bit more time to plan (and if I hadn’t faffed about trying to find places that weren’t really suitable) then we could have found somewhere marginally better. Still, it’s a good starting point :o)

So yeah, it was really good to be able to spend the dawn of a new year giving Naomi a big hug and a kiss, while we watched distant celebrations.. :o)

Probably worth mentioning, we also saw UFOs. Very mysterious. More on that later ;o)

Anyway, point is, it was a nice, simple way to see in the new year. And I have a feeling it’s going to be a good one :o)

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    Happy new year! That’s quite the ground covered last night!