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In the spirit of documenting some of the little things in life.. dinner last night was pretty pants.

I never really know how to appropriately punish an establishment for poor quality food, other than voting with my feet, which isn’t entirely legal mid-meal. For starters, the food was late, and while they did come over to let us know that they were running behind, that in itself does not satisfy my hunger.

Then it became apparent that the reason our food was late was not that it had been late in getting to the ovens, but in fact it had just remained in the oven for extra time. Both our meals had certain charcoal-like elements, and while easily removed, it’s not really what you want after you’ve been kept waiting.

Then, having finished, it took them forever to notice that we were done. Perhaps it was the little piles of coal at the sides of our plates that confused them – maybe they imagined we were still making our way through the charred remnants of our meals. In any case, when they finally managed to get us the bill, I was rather glad that the amount on the receipt was less than the amount of cash I had on me. No waiting for them to get around to us with the card reader, we just put the money on the table and walked out.

But how do you penalise a place like that for giving us crap food? It wasn’t entirely the waitress’s fault (though the time it took to get the bill was) – in fact, she did come to let us know that it was running late. It seems mean to take it out on her..

Ideally, the cost of each meal ought to be just a suggested value. Just as I could revise a tip down or up relative to the quality of service, so too should I be able to revise the amount I pay for a meal depending on whether or not it’s any good. I’ve had many a meal that I would gladly have paid extra for, and last night was definitely a meal that wasn’t worth the money.

But I bet that if I’d tried to be all “Actually, I think this was only worth £2.50, you can have that, goodbye!” they might have had something to say about it….

  1. Max
    Jan 16th, 2009 at 14:52
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    Generally, the proper thing (here) is when the food comes out, or when the waitperson first comes out to ask if it’s ok (if s/he does) is to tell them it’s not acceptable.

    They should attempt to make amends.

    • James
      Jan 16th, 2009 at 14:54
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      Yeah, having waited so long, I just wanted to eat.. I would imagine that if told to fix it, they would have gone away, brought something new, maybe given it to me for free, all good… But I needed food there and then, and they were clearly not in a position to rush an order through.

  2. plaidedbra
    Jan 16th, 2009 at 19:03
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    “Don’t be taken in… by the dancing castanet whores!”

  3. Edley
    Jan 16th, 2009 at 19:38
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    At least you weren’t RUDE to the staff.