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Well that was a nice walk.. Five miles, give or take.. It took me along what used to be a railway (and what is now a cycle path), up through a little village, across very marshy fields, through some woods (though I dodged one lot of woods where it looked distinctly like there might be people living in them), and back along the road to home.. And it forms a nice complement to the last walk to Thame, since I started this one from the point where I finished that one.. All good :o)

The red lines are places that I still want to walk, blue is where I’ve walked in the past, and green is where I walked today..

And now my head hurts a little – I managed to sneeze into my sinuses yesterday, which really didn’t feel pleasant, and it’s given me face ache for the last 24 hours.. Apparently walking around in the cold didn’t make it feel any better either (though being indoors now feels great).

Time to relax for what remains of the weekend, I think..

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