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I am starting to understand the appeal of convergent technology..

So, I got myself a new phone.. My old one is only about seven months old, but this one was free, with my new contract (which will let me call Naomi for free any time I want).

I didn’t actually realise I was getting anything good.. I just got the best handset that I could find for free, without being on some weird “I must have an iPod Killer” kick. So I figured it would be okay, but didn’t really consider whether it would be any better than my existing phone.

Well, it sort of is..

Let’s see.. 8gb of flash memory means that I can dump a huge amount of my music collection onto it.. “Why would you want to do that when I have an mp3 player?” you might ask.. Well, for starters, it’s no worse than the mp3 player because it has a regular headphone socket, you don’t need to buy your own crap.. Plus it comes with a dongle thing that lets you remote control it, so that’s neat too..

But that doesn’t exactly sell me on it, because while it might not be any worse than my mp3 player, I wouldn’t want to waste phone battery on music when I have a dedicated battery for that sort of thing, and I can save the phone battery for something useful.

What does sell me on it, however, is the built-in FM transmitter. That now becomes 8gb of mp3s that I can listen to on any car stereo (or regular stereo). It’s probably not something I would ever bother to pay money for, but it’s bloody useful.

So, what else.. Well, like my old phone, it has a camera.. Only this one is a 5.0 megapixel camera, rather than 2.0, which actually makes it better than my actual camera.. I won’t use it for that much, because my real camera allows me to mess with important settings like sensitivity, shutter speed, aperture size, etc.. Basically, I’d rather have an actual camera rather than using a phone. But still, if ever I need a camera in a hurry, I know I’ve got something pretty good..

And just like my old phone it has Google Mail and Google Maps (which I had to install myself but all the same).. So those are kind of useful. But Google Maps is made rather more useful by the built-in GPS. So I can fire up a map, hit a button, and it shows me exactly where I am on it. On my walk earlier, I was able to track my progress, and count how many fields I had left until I got to where I wanted to go. When I was presented with a choice between two paths, I was able to fire up a satellite picture that showed exactly where I was, and where the two paths went. Can’t ask for more than that!

So yes, in between my phone being able to project my taste in music across the airwaves, and being able to show me satellite imagery of exactly where I am (or just a regular street map if I so require), I’m rather happy with it. Technology like this is kind of exciting really :o)

  1. Liza
    Feb 1st, 2009 at 23:34
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    What kind of phone is it?

    • James
      Feb 1st, 2009 at 23:35
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      Nokia N85

      Oh, plus I can stream TV shows on it if I want.. Forgot that bit…

      • embodyment
        Feb 1st, 2009 at 23:40
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        Ha! That was my guess, but I wasn’t certain if you meant built-in flash, or removable (which it is).

        • James
          Feb 1st, 2009 at 23:41
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          It is indeed removable, though since it came with the phone already in place, it makes little difference to me :o)

          • embodyment
            Feb 1st, 2009 at 23:56
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            Ah, this is terrific. Have the N95 but never knew Google Maps was supported. Leaps and bounds better than the packaged one!

      • Liza
        Feb 2nd, 2009 at 00:22
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        It’s a pretty nice phone, I’ve never had a complaint using a Nokia. I just saw pictures of it. Streaming TV shows is awesome. Especially if you’re one break from work or have to wait around somewhere. I used to sit in my car on my lunch breaks and watch TV from my phone to pass the time. :)