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Hello Bunny :o)

Rather than going with the conventional card this year, I thought instead I would make a bit of a tit of myself in public, with some great declaration of.. something.. for our anniversary. Which is sort of what this is intended to be.

It might also help if our “us stuff” box is in the loft or something, so you won’t have to find it to put the card somewhere, because there is no card. Perhaps that’s just me being cheap….

Anyway. Hi! Happy anniversary :o)

I’m pretty sure that this time last year I was writing you something about how this coming year would be really exciting, and we’d be doing lots of stuff, and moving house, and getting ourselves sorted, and I suspect that with a bit of hindsight, I probably guessed incorrectly on a lot of things. I suppose the moving house thing happened, though not (I suspect) in the way that I thought it would.

So if anything, a lot of what I’d be tempted to say here would be a rehash of last year. How I’m really looking forward to us getting ourselves sorted over the next twelve months and being able to put down some roots and get back to having some semblance of a life together. Because you know it’s going to be good fun – at this rate, we should have a house pretty soon (fingers crossed), and we can get back to what we do best.

Which is, I think, actually living together. As fun as it’s been to be living at home, having a cat again, and siblings, and all that stuff, I think we both know that we’re best when we’re together, in our own place. If nothing else, I need to be cooking for somebody else in order to be cooking well – cooking food for myself just doesn’t turn out so well.. Apparently I have to be showing off for somebody :o)

That sounds rubbish really, “I want us to live together again so I can cook for you”. But it’s just kind of typical of the whole thing – that whole pattern of getting up and making you tea in the mornings, bringing you breakfast, thinking up new things to cook for dinner.. I just live a more productive life when I have somebody other than myself to take care of, and I rather like when that person is you :o)

Watching TV, too, for what it’s worth.. Where’s the point in me watching Eastenders if you’re not there for me to complain to about it? I mean why would anybody watch it without something like that? Do they just all have to write to Points Of View or something, because that would get tedious.. So yes, if I may, can I please have an evening when I cook food for you in our own kitchen, before we sit down in front of the TV and watch absolute crap just for the sake of being able to sit down together, your legs across my lap, and spending time as just the two of us..

Looking back, this past year has been a weird one.. I’m sure I said that last year, with your new job, and us moving to Bristol etc.. It looks like a running theme – we’ve moved again, you’ve got a new job again, I’ve got a new job this time, or at least a job in a different place, so I guess at least this way I’m keeping up with you.. Just a big year of upheaval and compromising how we live for “the greater good”. I’m pretty sure that good is supposed to be kicking in any day now, otherwise I might want a refund for this year..

Anyway, I’m just rambling, but I do that every year, so I don’t see why this one should be any different.. I guess the point, if I could claim to have one, is that in a lot of respects, the last year hasn’t been about moving forwards, but about planning to move forwards. Buying a house, getting married, all that stuff, that’s all to come, and I couldn’t be more excited about it all :o)

So I guess what I’m saying, as I always say at this time every year (possibly not last year, I think we might have been enjoying the sun, sea and sand too much for me to be looking to the future), is that I’m really looking forward to the year to come, and especially to getting to spend as much of it with you as I possibly can.

I love you more than I could possibly fit into words, and even if the right words existed I probably wouldn’t be able to put them in quite the right order to let you know. I just hope that you can figure it out :o)

So yeah.. bring on our fifth year together :D

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