Frisbee Tournaments

Mar 27th, 2009 | Filed under LiveJournal Import

I was thinking about my list of gigs, and then realised that I quite enjoy lists. And have, until now, been missing some key lists of stuff what I have done, like.

So I figured I’d try building a list of all the frisbee tournaments I played in at university (and the couple afterwards), along with trying to pull together any associated material that goes with them. I have various pictures of the tournaments that I’ll add links to later, once I’ve put them all together..

This is exactly the sort of thing that my journal is meant for – keeping permanent records of stuff so that when I’m old (if I’m not there already), I can look back on what it meant to be young, and appreciate it all for what it was.

So, that list of tournaments, currently sans dates, but my journal probably mentions them, so I plan to go back and add further data at a later date..

Skunks Mini Tournament – Southampton
Edinburgh Beginners – Edinburgh (report)
Students SE Indoor Regional Qualifiers – Brighton
Skunks Silver Jubilee – Southampton (report)
Aye-Aye First Tournament – Norwich
Loughborough Development – Loughborough
Brunel STD Mini – Uxbridge
2003 World Beach Ultimate Cup – Rimini, Italy
Mixed Tour 3 – Southampton
2003 British Open – Eastbourne
Fingers Six Tournament – Manchester
2005 Open Nationals – Mansfield
Mohawks Reunion Tournament – Brighton (24th June 2005)

More detail to follow, I expect…

  1. Carrie
    Mar 27th, 2009 at 21:56
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    Lists are one of my secret guilty pleasures. When I travel, I make lists right down to the very last pair of socks I want to bring so I don’t leave anything out. :x