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Herein I shall, over some time, transcribe “Leisure and Teenagers in Chinnor – Report to Chinnor Parish Council 1968/1969”, on account of how it’s a wonderful snapshot of the changing attitudes in the village in which I grew up, as population growth changed the local way of life..


This report was commissioned by Chinnor Parish Council in March 1968 to examine the problems which were likely to arise in the future from an unprecedented increase in the child population of the village which had occurred since about 1960.

The report examines Chinnor briefly from a sociological point of view and sets out some population statistics in order to predict the number of teenagers expected in the decade beginning 1970. It surveys the existing leisure facilities and their problems and suggests both immediate and future action to expand these considerably and primarily for teenagers.

The report does not pretend to have academic standing nor that its conclusions should apply outside Chinnor. It assumes that the Parish Council is the proper body to initiate action with the County Authorities on this problem and to keep up the momentum of this action over the years before the various goals are achieved. The Committee consider that the Parish Council is the only village body which is representative enough and has the statutory powers to co-ordinate the activities of the other village organisations and to act, in a sense, as the entrepreneur in the sociological development of Chinnor. It should be noted that the committee limited themselves specifically to considering the leisure activities of teenagers from twelve to eighteen years old. Much could also have been written about their further education and employment outlets and about leisure for young married couples, to mention only a few possible extensions. Although some aspects of these are mentioned in the report the committee decided not to extend their scope beyond the one objective in the hope that this would encourage the achievement of at least the limited goals suggested in the report.

B. L. E. C. Reedy
Heather de Freitas
Doris A. Tucker
Chinnor Development Study Group

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