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Apr 16th, 2011 | Filed under Part 1: The Problems


The Parish Council’s report of 22nd January, 1968 on transport in the village of reproduced at addendum 1. The position remains as it was then.

In spite of the serious lack of public transport to neighbouring towns, particularly outside working hours, many teenagers are making their way there for recreations on foot or by hitch-hiking and increasing numbers of them are to be seen on the roadside between Chinnor and Thame outside working hours. A few have their own transportation but the provision of transport for the others is one problem that will have to be tackled. The tendency will probably be for public transport to become more uneconomic and for services to be reduced even further. At the same time the private transport facilities among the teenagers may well increase. The primary need will be to improve communications between Chinnor and Thame as the latter is not only the gateway to Oxford and Aylesbury but is itself to become in the near future a larger community with expanding facilities for leisure, further education and employment. The presence there of the secondary and grammar schools for many of Chinnor’s youth means also that they have created links with the town through school activities and this outlet should be thought of when facilities are being planned in Chinnor. It is true that the Chinnor Youth Club has its own minibus and is able to hire a coach for outside functions if need be but this does not necessarily cater for those teenagers who prefer to remain outside the orthodox youth club organisations and who may constitute as many as 60% of the total number of teenagers. On the other hand, to find our teenagers drifting to Thame for all or most of their leisure would mean a grave loss to Chinnor and we must aim to provide facilities which will satisfy most of their needs within the village itself.

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