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So today, I bought myself some Lego.

It was meant to be a form of brain training.. When it comes to designing abstract systems, I’m rather good at that, but physical systems with physical constraints? That’s more tricky, and isn’t something I get much practice at.

And sure, it took about three hours of tinkering, but I figure it’s important for my personal development as a human that I spend time concentrating on things that I may not be good at. Turns out, I’m okay at it..

So I built five space ships. The first four of them connect together by way of couplings in a sort of chain. At the front, there’s the red pilot ship, with the single Lego man I actually got in the box.. Behind that connects a double-decker white weapons ship, with some guns and stuff. Behind that, there’s a little unmanned yellow ship, which carries a swiveling turret on the top of it. I don’t know how to make pacifist Lego…

Then at the back, there’s a blue ship, which has a great big engine on the back, which obviously powers the whole thing. And alongside, there’s a yellow support ship, which doesn’t connect to the others, because I had insufficient blocks to build a connecting mechanism. However, it does have plenty of fun moving parts all the same..

The “train” of four ships can then disconnect, and reassemble. The pilot ship has connectors on its sides, into which the weapons and engine ships can attach. Meanwhile, the unmanned yellow ship can be stowed away in the rear of the yellow support ship, whilst its gun slides off, and fits neatly onto the top of the engine ship.

Anyway… So that was a fun evening. I think that as a kid, I would have loved a set of space ships that can connect in different ways, share parts, etc… Good fun indeed :o)

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