Dear Google, what does capitalism mean?

Nov 24th, 2011 | Filed under Uncategorized

I got this by typing “define x” into Google, where “x” is a letter of the alphabet. I’m aware that the previous sentence can be read overly literally.

Anyway, so these are the people asking Google to define words for them. These are the concepts people are curious about, and want to better understand, and I think they’re definitely a product of this current era:

agnostic affect austerity
bigot bourgeois bias bureaucracy
culture capitalism cognitive cult
diversity density democracy demographics
ethics epiphany element ethos
federalism fascism family figurative language
globalization grace gdp government
hello hipster hypothesis houston
irony independent variable integrity i.e.
justice juxtaposition jaded judicial review
karma kosher kinetic energy keen
love leadership liberal libertarian
mass metaphor mean median
narcissistic neurotic niche nominal
osmosis oxymoron ontology objective
planking pedantic paradox plot
qualitative qi que quality
race religion respect republic
swag socialism science sociopath
thesis tone theory trolling
ubiquitous url utilitarianism urbanization
volume values volatile virtue
work woot wiki won’t
xi xml xenophobia xd
yield your pretty yoga yellow journalism
za zealous zionist zeitgeist

Items in bold are those that I find quite specifically relevant to a broader awakening of society to our charming new reality..

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