Page 5 – Summary of the Plan’s Provisions

Jan 29th, 2012 | Filed under Chinnor Plan

a) Residential Development

The plan shows those areas for development for wihch planning permission has already been given, or which are unavoidably compromised in that it would be very difficult or unreasonable to refuse planning permission for their development. The areas for which planning permission has already been granted, and dwellings now under construction, will accommodate about 1200 people; unavoidably compromised land a further 500, giving an ultimate population in Chinnor of about 4,500 (see Table 6).

In order to secure a reasonably comprehensive road-layout, approximate lines for estate roads or points of access have been sketched onto the plan. It will be noted that some of these roads give access onto land which is not shown for development in the plan. This land may be required for local needs at some future date; the present plan can only look ahead to approximately 1981; it should not sterilize land which may be needed beyond that date.

b) Road Proposals

The County Road proposals include the realignment of B.4009 to by-pass Chinnor, and an approximate line is shown to the north of the village. It is hoped that a link with the Cement Works may be provided, so that the heavy works traffic can be excluded from the village streets.

c) Shops

There is no real shopping centre in Chinnor. Shops are scattered along the village’s main roads. The completion of the shops in Church Road will create a fair-sized centre there: other planning permissions for shopping development will given an overall provision of one shop for every 170 persons: this should be more than adequate for the future. In order to prevent the further development of sporadic shopping areas, now shops should be directed into the High Street area in future, preferably into the southern end of High Street, and a village centre built up there.

d) Public Buildings

The agreed primary school site off Station Road is shown, and a suggested site for an Infants School is indicated, should one be needed.

Negotiations are in progress for the reservation of a site for a Police Sergeant’s Station off Oakley Road, and the proposed site is shown on the plan.

Sites for a Branch Library and a Welfare Clinic are indicated adjacent to the Primary School and the Open Space in the centre of the village.

e) Car Park

A car park is shown at the junction of Thame Road with Lower Icknield Way; this will eliminate the parking of cars along Thame Road, which causes difficulty and danger of movement near the cross-roads.


It is recommended that planning permissions for residential development in Henton in the future should only be granted where there is a proven local need for the development. In such cases, dwellings should be sited in close visual relationship with existing buildings wherever possible.

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