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Jan 31st, 2012 | Filed under Summary and Conclusions

Summary and Conclusions

We were asked by Chinnor Parish Council to examine the basis for believing that the number of teenagers in Chinnor during the next two decades is likely greatly to exceed the proportion normally present in a balanced community.

We have drawn on statistical material currently available and used a sociological frame of reference to try to forecast the number of teenagers expected and their possible impact on village society during these decades.

We have done this in the belief that the teenagers in a community are not only the most vulnerable of its groups to anti-social influences but also that they hold the future of the community in their hands and that they are likely to treat the community as it has treated them in the past.

Finally, we have suggested a number of lines of action which should be embarked on now and which are designed to provide Chinnor with an integrated adolescent culture independent of nearby towns though looking to them in the future for facilities such as swimming baths which are clearly uneconomic to provide except at district level. Our hope is that these lines of action will prove to be practicable and effective and that leadership will emerge, especially from among the newer residents, to carry them into being and to make them continuously effective for the foreseeable future.

Once again we repeat that our main concern is that our teenage children should be able to find in Chinnor an environment which will allow them to develop their personalities, potentialities and opportunities in the fullest possible way and enable them to become mature and stable adults in their turn.

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