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Summary and Conclusions We were asked by Chinnor Parish Council to examine the basis for believing that the number of teenagers in Chinnor during the next two decades is likely greatly to exceed the proportion normally present in a balanced community. We have drawn on statistical material currently available and used a sociological frame of […]

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Immediate Action This section really brings us full circle to the beginning of this report where we discussed the existing facilities for teenage leisure. We suggested that these are already either inadequate or blocked on grounds of expedience or personal interest by the people who control them. We are now suggesting lines of action to […]

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Other Facilities One of the chief pleasures of adolescents (or of adults for that matter) is to meet and talk an a coffee bar with a suitable decor and atmosphere is one of the more attractive places for this purpose. It also has the value under the right circumstances of being able to attract some […]

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Organisation and Leadership of a Youth Club In December 1968 a number of Chinnor youths were tried and indicted at Gloucestershire Assizes on charges of unlawful sexual intercourse and indecent assault. As a result of evidence given at the trial the following letter was written to the Chairman of Chinnor Parish Council by the Chief […]

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Desirable Features of a Chinnor Youth Club In general a youth club should allow for three groups of activities which nevertheless intermingle and are interdependent – outdoor sports, indoor games and (broadly) cultural activities. The latter might extend from coffee and conversation through ‘pop’ and classical music to the doing of school ‘prep’. For the […]

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Ways of Providing a Youth Club Building In our view a youth club as part of an adult Community Centre is neither practicable in Chinnor nor desirable generally. One of the main needs of adolescents is in identity-seeking and formation and taken together with their overall hostility to the adult world and the gulf between […]

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Introduction As a personal experience adolescence is probably the most disquieting, uncomfortable, angry, uncertain and yet often ecstatically joyful period in anyone’s life. As with the experience of childbirth however, the passage of time often subsequently removes the personal memory of this period and then sympathy for those undergoing it is often replaced by antipathy […]

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The Experience of Other Towns Adolescents today are in a totally different situation from those of any previous generation. They are more highly educated and earn more at work, thus releasing them from the socio-economic dependence on their parents which used to keep them dependent and subordinate. They mature earlier physically – menstruation begins on […]

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Chinnor C. of E. Primary School Population In January 1968 Mr. G. E. Manser, headmaster of Chinnor Primary School (which also caters for some of the needs of the hamlets) prepared a report for the School Managers and the County Education Department which disclosed an alarming discrepancy between the size and facilities of the new […]

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The Cherry Tree / Beech / Willow Roads estate Some of the origins of the trends described above can be seen in a detailed study of this new estate. This one was chosen because it was the first large estate (124 houses) of semi-detached, three bedroom houses to be built in Chinnor, starting in late […]

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