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Being the master of data that I am, I have decided to embark on a project. My project is – programmatically transfer the entire contents (including comments) of my journal to WordPress. I’ll be honest – the weekly e-mails from LJ chronicalling the escapades of “Frank and Meme” genuinely persuade me that LJ and I […]

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God, I really have been radicalised… This is the stuff I inflict on my colleagues on Facebook…. JohnSo now it’s the auditors fault. Why do people need to blame the recession on someone? Capitalism is cyclical and we had been in a long boom. Is that so hard to understand? —– JamesJohn, it’s obvious – […]

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When a song I recorded myself (even though I did not write it) can give me tingles, I’m reminded that I’m not quite as musically deficient as I would sometimes have myself believe… Tweet

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What is the function of fuel duty? The function of tax has been suggested to be to achieve one or more of the following aims: 1. Raise revenue2. Reprice goods and services considered to be incorrectly priced by the market3. Redistribute income and wealth Fuel duty does not correctly achieve any of those, at least […]

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As a Permanent Account holder, what is LJ doing sticking f’king self-promotional banner ads on pages for new features that are of no interest to me? But that’s not what I was going to say…. Tweet

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What’s happening in Wisconsin is a terrible indictment of where Capitalism actually leads us. Personally, I’d like to say that I don’t understand how something like this happens, except that the election of a Conservative government (if you can call a failure to win a majority “being elected”) in this country points to the same […]

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Plans by Westminster Council to outlaw homelessness and the feeding of the homeless: LYING DOWN AND SLEEPING ETC 3.1 No person shall lie down or sleep in or on any public place.“Public place” means any street, road, square, piazza, doorway, forecourt, courtyard, bridge, stairway, walkway or other similar place in the open air to which […]

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In my increasing radicalisation around the us/them way that society works (“us” being people, “them” being business interests), rubbish like this doesn’t help: “This obviously is a bad day for rights holders,” said Daniel Geey, competition and EU regulatory expert at Field Fisher Waterhouse law firm. “Fifa and Uefa argued that the listing legislation constrained […]

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And another thing.. Just watching Top Gear, and for the second week running there have been these little inoffensive references to Mexico / Mexicans. It puts me in mind of school, when the bully is beating up some little kid and gets caught out by the teacher. The bully turns around and says “Oh no, […]

Feb 13th, 2011 | Filed under LiveJournal Import “David Cameron vows to make Big Society succeed” Surely if the Big Society is to succeed, it will be because society wants it, not because the Prime Minister wishes it to be so. Isn’t that kind of the point of the Big Society in the first place? “I will push forward my empowering decentralised […]

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