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What is wrong with this statement: If someone wants to help out with children, we will sweep away the criminal record checks and health and safety laws that stop them.     – David Cameron Answers on a postcard please… Tweet

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Today I gave a masterclass in “How Not to Be Cool”. In fact, I did so in exactly the way that I’ve always rather hoped I wouldn’t – you know how you think “Yeah, if I met a celebrity, I’d be cool about it” – well apparently not. “Celebrity” is a funny thing. On Twitter, […]

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To: FLOORS2GO Hi, You appear to have just sent me an unsolicited SMS. The Privacy and Electronic Communications are unambiguous when it comes to the criteria that must be met to send unsolicited communications by means of electronic mail (whose definition covers the use of SMS). Specifically, section 22.3a states: “that person has obtained the […]

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It seems to me that the Liberal Democrats not only lied when they pledged to vote against a rise in tuition fees, but they’re still lying about the motivations for this entire move now. The biggest mistake that protesters make when giving interviews is to say “I was going to go to university, but now […]

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What the fuck?–What-banks-charge-overdrawn-Christmas.html Looks like the Daily Mail can’t do simple mathematics. They say that for a £200 unauthorised overdraft, the APR is 46,450,869%. Logically therefore, the annual charges on that would be £200 multiplied by that amount, ergo £92.9m. They do say “An APR shows the full cost of borrowing if the pattern […]

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“Firefox prevented this site from opening 11 popup windows” Nice… Tweet

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This is hilarious.. Joe McElderry comes out as gay on his website. Fans post messages of support. But, his website actually censors the word “gay”, so every time somebody uses it in a comment of love and support, it comes up as “****”. Apparently whoever runs his website is of the opinion that perhaps […]

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Speaking of Islamic dress, I caught the ramblings of one Mr Hollobone – congratulations Kettering on voting this man as your elected representative. He considers the wearing of a Burqa to be “absurd”, which is basically how people who don’t understand something articulate the fact that their ignorance directs them to dislike it. It’s sort […]

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There are those who might cynically suggest that Dave’s “Big Society” proposals are some sort of attempt to cut public services in order to reduce our deficit. I’ve seen several such claims. But these people don’t understand that in actual fact it’s an ideological position, held by a great number of Tories and people at […]

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I’m watching the coverage of the by-election in Glasgow, it’s quite neat.. There was a woman who was talking about why she was considering voting for the BNP. She talked about her husband, who was made redundant from his job in the building trade “because of immigrants”. To clarify, he was told to take a […]

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