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At no point thus far have I actually explained who I am and why I feel the way I do, so this is probably an excellent opportunity to do so. Or an opportunity, at any rate. 1990 I expect it starts on my radio show (the “I Think It Began With a ‘D’ Show”), broadcast […]

Jan 17th, 2011 | Filed under Politics

I understand from contacts within the Tea Party movement that there’s a certain sense of persecution being felt on the right of US politics right now. Central to the current criticisms of the Tea Party is the violent rhetoric in which they frame their campaigns, including the use of gun imagery to forcefully illustrate points. […]

Jan 9th, 2011 | Filed under Politics

Representative democracy is a seldom-understood system. The number of people who complained about “unelected” Prime Minister Gordon Brown demonstrate that – I suspect the constituents of Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath would have something to say about whether or not he was elected. It’s a system in which the act of voting is a means of abdicating […]

Jan 2nd, 2011 | Filed under Politics

I am not qualified in any way to talk about economics. Having gotten that out of the way, let’s talk a little about economics. When it comes to taxation as it pertains to business, there are two key actions that have been taken by the coalition government. The first is to reduce corporation tax – […]

Dec 29th, 2010 | Filed under Politics

Poor students will lose out when the government’s plans for tuition fees kick in, because of the way in which penalties are imposed upon universities that charge the maximum amount. The system works like this – when a university charges in excess of £6,000 (as the top universities will), they must pay a year’s tuition […]

Dec 22nd, 2010 | Filed under Politics

Once the page here is finally willing to accept my logon credentials, I shall be posting this: Kevin, First of all, thank you for putting this issue into a more public forum in which it’s possible to have a genuine dialogue, rather than (the tempting alternative of) waiting for the complaints to pile in, then […]

Dec 14th, 2010 | Filed under Politics

With regard to this background. Summary:Poor treatment and victim-blaming of Jody McIntyre in Ben Brown interview Body: I’ve put this under the category of “bias”, but it could equally fall under “poor quality”, to be honest. To my knowledge, at no point have the police argued that Jody McIntyre threw missiles at them. Why then […]

Dec 14th, 2010 | Filed under Politics

Today’s students have perhaps grown up in the most democratic environment the country has ever seen. For the last decade, they have consistently had (and exercised) the power to determine which on-screen personalities they want to retain for future viewing, and which they want to reject. Don’t underestimate this feeling of empowerment, or think it […]

Dec 13th, 2010 | Filed under Politics

It seems to me that the Liberal Democrats not only lied when they pledged to vote against a rise in tuition fees, but they’re still lying about the motivations for this entire move now. The biggest mistake that protesters make when giving interviews is to say “I was going to go to university, but now […]

Dec 3rd, 2010 | Filed under Politics