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No, the title of this isn’t a typo, it is in fact an hilarious pun. Julie Meyer, of BBC Question Time fame (who declined to get involved in one question because she couldn’t crowbar references to entrepreneurs and “digital natives” into an answer) has a blog, on which she posted the most outstanding/outrageous (delete as […]

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That is to say, in early December, I finally turned the age that I spent most of my teens wishing I was. That was always the plan – be thirty, have a job, have a house, have a wife, possibly have kids. My entire expectation of my future lifestyle was based on my home life […]

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I really must actually get around to talking about turning 30. It’s sort of a big deal, and definitely worth mentioning.. I’m sure I resolved to use this thing more. So I should do that… Tweet

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History is positively littered with examples of the way in which power can be eroded over time. One of the obvious examples is the way in which, during the 17th century, parliament gradually eroded the powers of the monarch. Kings would, in effect, require bailing out, which in turn required that taxes be raised. The […]

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Evoke Africa – Jewellery 10% off until 1st December, with free delivery on orders over £30…

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I got this by typing “define x” into Google, where “x” is a letter of the alphabet. I’m aware that the previous sentence can be read overly literally. Anyway, so these are the people asking Google to define words for them. These are the concepts people are curious about, and want to better understand, and […]

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My e-petition was rejected. Terribly sad.. It went like this: Reduce Civil Liberties to Deter Immigrants I propose that in order to address the widespread concerns of the ignorant electorate, we aim to reduce the level of migration to this country by stripping citizens of civil liberties. In order to do that, we’ll need more […]

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At regular intervals, it seems, discussion erupts over the role of men within feminism. Arguments go on ad infinitum about whether women-only spaces are an example of the sexism that gender equality is meant to address, or whether they’re a necessary part of the empowerment of women, and all kinds of other arguments. I’ll be […]

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What now follows is a collection of e-mails from my brother, received after each episode of Torchwood aired… If only I also taped our phone conversations….. Episode 2 There’s a reason why the BBC doesn’t tend to import American shows for primetime BBC1 and Torchwood is about to explain it to us. Having said that, […]

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Conversation on Facebook between my father and brother… Dad: Couldn’t have put it better Zeinobia [Egyptian blogger and activist who took part in the protests that forced ex-Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak from power] : “I am sorry but you do not loot to object the murder of a young man, you are using his murder.” […]

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