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[Apple Subscription Stuff] And this is why I’m never even tempted to think about developing anything for any Apple platform, and why I would never purchase an i-Anything, be it pod, pad or phone. You can tell that somewhere within Apple, somebody has decided that they “need more money”. How then should money be obtain […]

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Ugh, I’ve just seen an absurd comment thread on CiF (why I ever read that cesspit of trolls I have no idea) talking about the famine in Somalia, basically involving a whole bunch of victim blaming, and “hey, not our problem” crap. A key point that was made was around how the conditions in Somalia […]

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So Summer and Andrew have gotten together in Neighbours. This is, obviously, illegal, since they’re totally related. For starters, her step-mother’s mother is Andrew’s father’s ex-wife, making him her step-step-uncle. Also, her father’s sister’s baby’s father’s son’s girlfriend’s mother’s husband’s late wife’s brother is Andrew’s father. Or, another way, Summer’s cousin’s half-brother is married to […]

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Just for fun… Tweet

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So today, I bought myself some Lego. It was meant to be a form of brain training.. When it comes to designing abstract systems, I’m rather good at that, but physical systems with physical constraints? That’s more tricky, and isn’t something I get much practice at. And sure, it took about three hours of tinkering, […]

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It turns out, you can see quite a bit from Guildford, so long as you get up high enough.. Naomi and I went for a walk up on the Hog’s Back, and from the top of it, you can see the arch at Wembley (which looks quite large actually given that it’s about 40 miles […]

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Brendan O’Neill has given a masterclass in his Telegraph blog on how to take what might conceivably be a valid point, and to so utterly fail to put it across that not only do you lose the argument, you end up making a completely different argument that actually portrays you as a rape sympathiser. The […]

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Apparently it’s newsworthy that a couple of exam questions posed to students taking a-levels (or AS equivalent) have, in actual fact, been impossible to answer. There are those who (quite rightly) are arguing that by posing an impossible question, students might have spent too much time on it, and it might have otherwise damaged their […]

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So the Daily Mail has picked the story up. They didn’t have anything new to say, they’re just basically copying what the Sunday Times said, adding the odd bit of information from my blog, but nothing significant (and certainly none of the actual points I was trying to make).. The reference to “patient zero” originating […]

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Okay, a few basic points then.. Evidence Item 1. This is the site I got the information from on April 14th, at around 10pm. Based on the timestamps on the site, by that time, the link to that article had been posted on Twitter eleven times (how else would I have found it?), and that […]

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