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Okay, so I’ve sort of fallen off the no chocolate wagon. Except that it was a deliberate choice, made based on rational and clear thinking. No, I’m serious.. For one reason or another, my hands started shaking just now, which was affecting my ability to type. To be honest, they’ve not actually stopped yet, but […]

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Minor update.. Weighed myself this morning, I was 14st 6lbs. That means in just over two weeks, I’ve lost eight pounds.. Now I’m aware that “healthy sustainable weight loss” is more like 2lbs per week, but that’s probably assuming that the weight was gained in a sustainable way. I’m pretty sure that my starting weight […]

Jan 23rd, 2009 | Filed under LiveJournal Import

Oh yes, weigh in… So, I started off at 15st, which is theoretically 14st 14lbs. We’re now a week and a half in, so my target weight would be 14st 11lbs in order to reach my goal on time, assuming uniform weight loss. My actual weight? 14st 8lbs. I am kicking arse. Tweet

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I think I’m just about up to writing about this now. So a week ago (exactly), Naomi called me and proposed a challenge. My end of it goes something like this: If I can drop a stone by February 25th (seven weeks) then she will agree to bring the wedding forward to August 12th this […]

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There’s one advantage to being unwell, and that’s meals. Being at home all day, without too strong an appetite, it kind of helps one to get into good habits. In my case, I’m eating about five small meals a day, between 300-500 calories each. A small bowl of cereal here, a couple of slices of […]

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My goal is to walk (and I mean dedicated walking sessions, not just a consequence of regular living) over 100 miles between now and February 25th. That means doing 15 miles per week. Today’s contribution: 2.7 miles. Combined with yesterday’s 3.3 miles, that gives me a total of 6 miles thus far. So now I […]

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My new mission is to walk several miles every day. This was good fun. Tweet

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Well, I gave in.. Partly out of a desire to see some of the outside world, and partly out of the knowledge that I had insufficient food to keep me busy here, and that a failure to eat anything would be looked upon unfavourably by my body. Starvation is not an appropriate response. It’s been […]

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Right now I’m having a really interesting conversation with myself about whether or not to go to Subway. There’s this one voice, he sounds a bit fat, who says that it would be good for me to get out and about, head to Subway, grab some lunch, enjoy it so much, it’s not that calorific, […]

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Phew, that was some nice exercise.. Spent half an hour running around a frozen field, chasing my boomerang. Which, apparently, I haven’t written about yet. Weird. So I bought a couple of boomerangs from the Science Museum shop when I was out Christmas shopping – a foam one for indoor use (with a radius of […]

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