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BBC News – Chris Evans apologises for late 5 live arrival. This is news now? Kieran was late for work last week, should I be writing to the BBC to let them know? He didn’t even apologise, imagine the outrage among keen readers of the website! Or is the trick here that, as his employer, […]

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Just.. wow.. If I had to deal with these people, I think I might just take my own life.. Tweet

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I’ve discovered NME’s secret.. They talk about music that is so forgettable that they can talk about it a week later, and introduce it as “new”. Repeat to fade. Tweet

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Most Haunted is on right now. The stupid cow doing it keeps talking about seeing “light anomalies”. They are fucking moths. Who the shit watches this? Tweet

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This ‘Have Your Say’ should put to rest any worries anybody might have that the BBC site is fair, unbiased, and free from attack. The most recommended opinions on whether to close Guantanamo are from people saying that it’s a terrible mistake, Obama is misguided, and Europeans are fools. And these have received the most […]

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So, in random news, I watched the last episode of Stargate Atlantis.. Uh, tma, what the hell were you on about? That was not a good episode, unless your measure of “good” relates to the proportion of the season’s special effects budget that gets spent on something. The main threat (and therefore the plot) was […]

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Some peroxide blonde with a vacant expression just saw a seat on the tube that was occupied by a small child, and figured there was room for her on that seat too.. I mean how fucking rude do you have to be..? Poor kid, he looks kind of scared, squashed into the corner like that.. […]

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I’m not sure why everybody is panicking so much about LiveJournal laying off some of its US staff.. We had the same hysteria when LJ got sold to SixApart, and more of the same when it got sold on to SUP. To the best of my knowledge, neither of these resulted in the wholesale destruction […]

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Seriously, why the fuck do I watch Holocaust documentaries immediately before bed? Like, what sort of idiot am I? Now I feel like shit, and kind of want to cry :o( I shall aim to make more sensible choices later.. Tweet

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.. and there it is. We’re only a couple of days into January, and already I’m pining after the summer.. How absolutely typical… Just watching Time Team, and it’s very obviously the summertime, and everyone is wearing short sleeves, and sitting around in the sunshine.. Funny how winter appeals the most during the summer, and […]

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