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Right.. Google’s advertising possibly needs a clean up.. Does this make sense to you? Because it looks to me like somebody pratting around.. And it just links to this: It just feels so.. pointless… Tweet

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I know they say that an eye for an eye leaves the world blind, but this is by far the most literal interpretation I’ve seen. Tweet

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(16:28:22) TheEvilKid1: Zara?(16:28:31) Me – AIM: No thank you(16:28:37) Me – AIM: I have ample Zara(16:29:05) TheEvilKid1: ok, I’m gunna assume this is lj user Zara, yes?(16:29:33) Me – AIM: If it were, why would LJ user Zara be calling themselves “TheUnknownJames”?(16:29:45) TheEvilKid1: cause his name is James(16:29:55) Me – AIM: Then why does he […]

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Just in passing.. I was watching X-Men 2 (of all things) the other day, which I had recorded off the TV a few months back.. Anyway, I’m too lazy to stop playback after what I’m watching finishes, so it then went into a news segment after the end credits. The top item was about Ellen […]

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Some bright spark has elected to jump/fall/go under a tube train at Oxford Circus, so I’m having to find an alternate route to work.. I could in theory have walked it, but it’s too late now – I would need to have made that call straight away, I think.. Of course, the urge to just […]

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Worth mentioning, in passing and in the absence of any more worthwhile material, that I have done something very stupid to the middle finger on my right hand. Not sure exactly what, and I can still use it for typing and such, but it’s massively swollen, in a way that I’ve only formerly experienced when […]

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Apparently, the fire alarm went off because the power went out, which is apparently the same thing as fiery burning death.. The fire department have left, because they are not qualified electricians, and now we’re waiting for some dude from the power company to turn up and flip some sort of switch, otherwise the alarm […]

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Would you do meth if it was legalized?Christ no, absolutely not. Hyper-addictive destructive drugs aren’t really my bag.. Are you for or against abortion?In general, against, y’know, it’s not exactly meant to be a hobby or something.. But I’m far more in favour of a woman’s right to choose, and all that stuff, so I […]

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Tags: , Wrong. Logically flawed. Economically unviable. The prices that they give as “going rates” for the work that women do are set by existing levels of supply and demand, not to mention the fact that they are undertaken by people with entirely different overhead costs. If being a housewife was an open market, the competition […]

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Tags: , , I feel it’s really coming to something when a group of people from one country “invade” another, in order to purchase goods that they’re denied back home. I mean, you can see why Egypt wouldn’t necessarily want to stop them – I doubt anybody would complain about economic migrants in this country if they […]

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