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It would appear that Robert Peston doesn’t think that any employee of any bank that received taxpayer assistance should receive any bonus. The rationalisation for this? If taxpayers hadn’t rescued those banks then those employees wouldn’t have jobs, let alone bonuses Yes.. and? That’s something of a non-sequitur, akin to telling a small child that […]

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My current shareholdings total £500. And each month I buy 50 additional shares. A little while back, for the same monthly investment, I only managed to buy three shares per month, such was their value. And my current holding of £500 used to be worth £7,000. It’s a good job that I don’t really consider […]

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Well, that is interesting.. We’ll put aside for a second the fact that action prior to an election is generally avoided. Who needs the risk of a potentially unpopular decision barely more than a month before people head to the polls? But that’s not exactly what this is.. In my head, I have this analogy, […]

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It’s a funny old market.. My shares in Lloyds, which last night were worth £1,550, are now worth £2,050, and actually this morning peaked at £2,450. Wait, in the time it took me to write that sentence, they’re now at £2,090.. I mean, I can’t actually get at them right now, even if I wanted […]

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