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ed: What do you imagine mine and Rihanna’s children will look like?  Me: Suspiciously like meed: That hurts Tweet

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The other night was all kinds of fun.. So earlier in the day we’d gone out to the shops to grab some food, and we sent Anna on ahead, and then Edward and I had a “mission” of sorts to track her down and intercept her before she got to the shops.. This game was […]

Nov 28th, 2008 | Filed under LiveJournal Import

Oops, basically.. So Edward and I went for a walk last night.. The idea was to get up into the hills while it was light, take some pictures of the village while it was dark, then come home as quickly as possible, using torches etc.. So we went up, and all was well, and we […]

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Just walked into my bedroom to go to bed, and Edward (in his sleep) turns his back on me, and grunts “Get off me”. For the record, here and now, I would just like to say that I did not touch him. He is a liar :o( Tweet

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Edward, just now.. in his sleep.. in a funny put-on voice.. “She doesn’t like it gloooooowww… Glooowwww???!” The child is quite deranged.. I’m just so amused that he was actually putting on a funny fake posh accent type thing, while sleeping.. Awesome :o) Tweet

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Sometimes it’s hard to rest when one’s brother is laughing out loud to himself in his sleep.. :o/ Mostly I just wish I knew what the joke was.. Tweet

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Well that was fun.. ed and I just had an hour’s worth of playing football, in which we invented possibly the greatest variation on the game ever.. The dynamic was great.. Of course, now I feel absolutely f’king knackered, but that’s a good thing.. Exercise is very useful, and I don’t get around to doing […]

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Well that was good fun.. Edward and I went out for a bit of a walk, probably around 7:15 or thereabouts.. Ought that be “thenabouts”? Anyway, we just wanted a walk around the village, and while we were out our parents went to visit our grandparents. Anyway, we decided mid-walk that we might as well […]

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It’s been an interesting week, and one that I probably ought to write about.. On Tuesday, I went up to London for work type stuff, training on a new e-mail broadcast system, etc.. It actually creates a number of interesting challenges, because the way in which the system works is not actually the way we’d […]

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