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I have developed a sickness, or rather, my condition has worsened since I last mentioned it. I have once again started to get into the last three hundred years worth of local history around my village, reading A History of the County of Oxford, from 1964 (which pre-dates the most recent expansion of the village). […]

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I hate volatile numbers. Bane of my bloody existence, they really are… Say I have a company, which generates £100 in revenue, and has expenses of £90. I make a tidy £10 profit, which is what everything is going to be measured on. Now let’s say my revenue dips by 5%, and my costs increase […]

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I’m not sure why everybody is panicking so much about LiveJournal laying off some of its US staff.. We had the same hysteria when LJ got sold to SixApart, and more of the same when it got sold on to SUP. To the best of my knowledge, neither of these resulted in the wholesale destruction […]

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From an e-mail security point of view, I can’t help but feel that GoogleMail is a bit.. well.. dodgy.. See the thing is, when you mouseover a link, it tells you the site that the link refers to. You can right click and copy that link as you would any other – it is just […]

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Sometimes these thoughts occur to me.. Like this one popped into my head when I was pondering the nature of God, and the role of nature in God, while walking back from the shops earlier.. I would post it to AMA, but I don’t think it’s pitched at quite the right level, so.. Here’s a […]

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