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Naomi and I went on a walk yesterday… I say “went on a walk” – when we went out, I assumed we’d have a wander around for half an hour and then head back to the car. Our walks around Windsor Park haven’t been particularly lengthy, and I figured we’d just take in the views […]

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In the spirit of documenting some of the little things in life.. dinner last night was pretty pants. I never really know how to appropriately punish an establishment for poor quality food, other than voting with my feet, which isn’t entirely legal mid-meal. For starters, the food was late, and while they did come over […]

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Weird, just walking through an arcade in Guildford just have me a flashback to the shopping centres in Bridgetown.. Which is sort of to say that the arcade in question was a little run down, but not to worry, because it’s a happy memory anyway :o) Tweet

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Several things today have made me feel broody.. But I’ll come back to that.. Naomi and I decided not to go for the flat we found after all – we would have needed to find an enormous amount of money in order to move in (over £3,200 before Naomi gets paid), and we just generally […]

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The last few days have been pretty much excellent.. Working in reverse chronological order, for fun, yesterday Naomi and I picked up her “new car”, which is in fact a courtesy car until her actual new car is ready.. Apparently the garage managed to lose the car registration, and as such, have to request new […]

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