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Minor update.. Weighed myself this morning, I was 14st 6lbs. That means in just over two weeks, I’ve lost eight pounds.. Now I’m aware that “healthy sustainable weight loss” is more like 2lbs per week, but that’s probably assuming that the weight was gained in a sustainable way. I’m pretty sure that my starting weight […]

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There’s one advantage to being unwell, and that’s meals. Being at home all day, without too strong an appetite, it kind of helps one to get into good habits. In my case, I’m eating about five small meals a day, between 300-500 calories each. A small bowl of cereal here, a couple of slices of […]

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This isn’t quite the approach to weight loss that I was aiming for.. I’m missing the Animal Collective gig tonight, which is rather annoying.. I really wish I could have gone, but right now, there’s just no way. I’m trying to put all my efforts into getting better for work tomorrow (hopefully). I have too […]

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Ugh, right now I could honestly just cry.. The pressure that’s building up inside my head from all the crap that ought to be coming out of my nose is just ridiculous.. Everything above my neck hurts, head, eyes, teeth, face, sinuses, everything.. And everything below my neck just feels generally numb. I just tried […]

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I can tell that I’m feeling rather unwell. Right now, I’m choosing to stay at work, rather than going out and getting the train home, because the latter seems like a lot of hassle and stress and I just don’t feel up to it.. So I’ll go home later sometime instead, there’ll still be a […]

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