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In the spirit of documenting some of the little things in life.. dinner last night was pretty pants. I never really know how to appropriately punish an establishment for poor quality food, other than voting with my feet, which isn’t entirely legal mid-meal. For starters, the food was late, and while they did come over […]

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I will admit, part of the reason why I love London quite so much is because of childhood experiences of watching Mary Poppins. When Bert refers to the rooftops as “a trackless jungle just waiting to be explored”, the shot that follows was one of the most beautiful things I ever saw as a kid.. […]

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Map of where we went last night Right.. So.. New Year’s Eve.. It’s basically a story of going around in lots of circles, but not in a bad way. After work was finished, I took a bus to Oxford, and from there a train to Reading, in time to pick up our takeaway curry.. I’m […]

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TV is bad. Movies are bad. Literature is bad. Books that are popular but are not really considered literature are also bad. But really, the problem is stories. I came up with a good phrase for this, “narrative imperative”, but it turns out that I’m certainly not the first person to coin that phrase. It […]

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It’s been a pretty good week, if a little tiring… :o) Monday and Tuesday night were spent in a hotel in Guildford with Naomi, which was awesome.. Actually spending consecutive nights in the same bed is a rare treat lately, and it was just great to spend some quality time together in our own space […]

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Right. Let’s see. In a few minutes, I’m walking to the station. It may or may not be raining right now, though I’m thinking not, which is nice. Then at 6:30pm I get to catch my train, which arrives at 8:15pm. Then I have to catch the tube, in time to catch my next train, […]

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It’s slightly frustrating, I keep meaning to write stuff in here, and then when I actually get the time, I lose any inclination.. So I figured I’d just plough into it and hope for the best.. time passes Well I started writing that about four hours ago, and got distracted. Clearly this isn’t working :o) […]

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Several things today have made me feel broody.. But I’ll come back to that.. Naomi and I decided not to go for the flat we found after all – we would have needed to find an enormous amount of money in order to move in (over £3,200 before Naomi gets paid), and we just generally […]

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The last few days have been pretty much excellent.. Working in reverse chronological order, for fun, yesterday Naomi and I picked up her “new car”, which is in fact a courtesy car until her actual new car is ready.. Apparently the garage managed to lose the car registration, and as such, have to request new […]

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Ugh, is that really the time? Hello to four hours of sleep.. On the bright side, by staying up late I was able to cook up a batch of the best sauce in the universe, and make myself some lunches for the coming week.. And they are *awesome* :o) Now if you’ll excuse me, if […]

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