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TV is bad. Movies are bad. Literature is bad. Books that are popular but are not really considered literature are also bad. But really, the problem is stories. I came up with a good phrase for this, “narrative imperative”, but it turns out that I’m certainly not the first person to coin that phrase. It […]

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Weird, just walking through an arcade in Guildford just have me a flashback to the shopping centres in Bridgetown.. Which is sort of to say that the arcade in question was a little run down, but not to worry, because it’s a happy memory anyway :o) Tweet

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Man, old me cracks me up sometimes… Tweet

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What are we to assume when driving past a road-side burger van which is flying a skull and crossbones flag? Does it signify that the meat is poisoned? Is the vendor a pirate? Or is the meat from pirates? Not sure it’s worth the risk finding out.. Tweet

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To James,I hope you have many good ‘raunchy’ weekends in Wales with your bird. Maybe I’ll see you at Sussex (hopefully not!)Good luck etc. etc.Lisa Hi ya JamesI can still remembre remember at the start of year 12 you thought I was a violent person!! I hope you’ve now b realised I’m not. My great […]

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Monday: Maths, Technology, Humanities, EnglishTuesday: Music, Art, Science, HumanitiesWednesday: PE, English, French, MathsThursday: Humanities, CCT, Maths, TechnologyFriday: French, PE, Science, Dance Tweet

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This all comes from a little note-book type thing I found today.. It’s from a school trip in 1993 (when I was but 11 tender years old): When I first saw the farm I thought that it was going to be very boring. Until I saw the inside it looked like a boring place to […]

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Going through my stuff, I found my GCSE science book, which was used at the end of the year as a makeshift signing book.. So here’s the notes out of it: Mr Corness (GCSE Science): James, you have been an enthusiastic scientist and have frequently impressed me with the depth of your appreciation of the […]

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I wonder if there’s something genetic that’s responsible for the degree to which I seem to be hopelessly sentimental.. My brother seems to be similarly afflicted, possibly even to a greater extent than I am.. Like, when I went into Marks and Spencer earlier.. They sell this olive oil infused with chilli and garlic, and […]

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