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Naomi and I went on a walk yesterday… I say “went on a walk” – when we went out, I assumed we’d have a wander around for half an hour and then head back to the car. Our walks around Windsor Park haven’t been particularly lengthy, and I figured we’d just take in the views […]

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Hello Bunny :o) Rather than going with the conventional card this year, I thought instead I would make a bit of a tit of myself in public, with some great declaration of.. something.. for our anniversary. Which is sort of what this is intended to be. It might also help if our “us stuff” box […]

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I think I’m just about up to writing about this now. So a week ago (exactly), Naomi called me and proposed a challenge. My end of it goes something like this: If I can drop a stone by February 25th (seven weeks) then she will agree to bring the wedding forward to August 12th this […]

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Wish you were here? ;o) (no, this isn’t where we’re eating tonight :o) Tweet

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Map of where we went last night Right.. So.. New Year’s Eve.. It’s basically a story of going around in lots of circles, but not in a bad way. After work was finished, I took a bus to Oxford, and from there a train to Reading, in time to pick up our takeaway curry.. I’m […]

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It’s been a pretty good week, if a little tiring… :o) Monday and Tuesday night were spent in a hotel in Guildford with Naomi, which was awesome.. Actually spending consecutive nights in the same bed is a rare treat lately, and it was just great to spend some quality time together in our own space […]

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For the record, this year’s birthday haul included: From Naomi..A small digital video camera, which is vastly superior to my digital camera when it comes to “vlogs”DVDs of Aladdin, American Psycho and What Dreams May ComeDVD boxset of Lost Season 2 (we have S1 already) From Family..Chilli-infused olive oilFreeze dried astronaut ice creamPlenty of chocolateSpicy […]

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Several things today have made me feel broody.. But I’ll come back to that.. Naomi and I decided not to go for the flat we found after all – we would have needed to find an enormous amount of money in order to move in (over £3,200 before Naomi gets paid), and we just generally […]

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All things taken into account, I had quite a good weekend really.. Went over to Naomi’s on Friday night, and after much deliberation, we ended up getting pizza and eating it in front of the TV.. Can’t think for the life of me what was on, but the pizza was delicious :o) Had a really […]

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