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Just a quick note to mention that, all things going according to plan, Naomi and I will be moving into a new place in about six weeks or so.. Things are looking up :o) Tweet

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Reading AMA just now, somebody said the word “kissable”, and it just made me miss Naomi a little bit more :o( Tweet

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I do like this book case, it reflects us quite well.. Top left, Naomi’s copies of Glamour magazine (which I am generally guilty of buying for her), top middle, a load of foreign language tapes of mine (Welsh, Dutch, Portuguese), top right, a load of books on programming languages.. Next row starts with various old […]

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I meant to write about Phantom of the Opera, so I will.. And, for bonus redundancy, I’m doing so without re-reading my previous post about it, so there’s a good chance that I’ll manage to repeat myself a little. Oh well.. I mean okay, the theatre was built for people with much smaller legs than […]

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Well that was awesome.. Don’t have time to write too much about it right now, but it’s worth getting the basics down.. On Tuesday night, Naomi came up to London for dinner and a show.. Now that is how you’re supposed to spend an evening here :o) So we went to an awesome Italian restaurant […]

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It’s amusing quite how wrong a person can be sometimes.. Weeks ago, I was actually looking forward to this time.. With Naomi staying at her parents’ place, I’d be able to spend time doing all those things that I don’t usually get around to.. For example, without anyone to meet for lunch, I could go […]

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This whole living alone thing isn’t the endless party that it’s been cracked up to be.. Suddenly all these aspects of my life in which I have “freedom” turn out to be areas in which I rather appreciated structure and routine. The ability to go to bed whenever I like leaves me sleeping slightly weird […]

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Naomi looks ever so adorable sitting cross-legged on the floor decanting various shampoos and conditioners into tiny little bottles, to take away to Barbados.. She has this huge grin on her face – I don’t know if it’s because of the holiday, or because she knows just how cute she looks doing it.. I’m okay […]

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Naomi says “I don’t think paedophiles should be allowed to watch little children milking cows”… Tweet

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It’s kind of weird, last weekend Naomi was mostly away, it being the “party season” and all that.. Work Christmas do, friends’ birthdays, etc.. And there’s just certain things you miss when somebody is away.. I was just reminded of this, because my mother asked me, seemingly at random, “Does Naomi sing?” And that’s probably […]

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