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This ‘Have Your Say’ should put to rest any worries anybody might have that the BBC site is fair, unbiased, and free from attack. The most recommended opinions on whether to close Guantanamo are from people saying that it’s a terrible mistake, Obama is misguided, and Europeans are fools. And these have received the most […]

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Some peroxide blonde with a vacant expression just saw a seat on the tube that was occupied by a small child, and figured there was room for her on that seat too.. I mean how fucking rude do you have to be..? Poor kid, he looks kind of scared, squashed into the corner like that.. […]

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Yeah, so like, in The Sound Of Music, the character of Liesl is played by a 22 year old, who imagines herself to be sixteen, going on seventeen… Like, plausible much? Then her boyfriend Rolf is played by a 21 year old, and explains that being a year older than Liesl, he is better able […]

Dec 24th, 2008 | Filed under LiveJournal Import I think I’d have to say that Geoff Hoon is a fucking nutcase. She asked: “How much more control can they have? How far is he prepared to go to undermine civil liberties?” Mr Hoon interjected: “To stop terrorists killing people in our society, quite a long way actually.” “If they are going to […]

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The BBC want some decent data-driven conditional content on their front page. As it stood a couple of minutes ago, one of the front page stories was “Shares up as confidence returns”, in which they described how “the Dow Jones rose 1.3%”. That’s great, but they also have live market data on the front page, […]

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Right.. So first you suspend the domain (without warning) because a Cron job is hurting the servers too much. So I remove the job. Then you suspend the domain (again without warning) because the traffic levels are too high and it’s hammering the CPU power of the server because of database hits. So I remove […]

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Tags: Stuff like this inevitably winds me up.. There’s something fundamentally wrong with the American psyche when it comes to taking important things seriously.. “She says it like it is”“I think she has strong moral values”“She’s doing great things, supporting her church and supporting her family” Does any of this really qualify her for anything? […]

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Ridiculous! Trying to book my train tickets for tomorrow, I figured I might as well use Firefox for it, so I go to the website, and am told: Incompatible Browser This site requires the use of Internet Explorer 5.5 or later with 128-bit encryption. You are using Netscape 5.0 We strongly recommend that you download […]

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Tags: Absolutely the wrong time, I know, but seriously.. “I can’t belive that one of the bodys was your mam. RIP Jill Foster. I hope that the other body isnt your dad. An I hope they dont find any mor an your just havin a week somewer with your dad or sumink.” “I miss you […]

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There is a significant difference between different train lines’ ideas of what is “standard” and what it “first” class. Sitting in a Southwest Trains carriage, they’re going for the approach of giving people minimal leg room, and fitting in up to five people per “row”. This is their idea of “standard”, and if you upgrade […]

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