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It would appear that Robert Peston doesn’t think that any employee of any bank that received taxpayer assistance should receive any bonus. The rationalisation for this? If taxpayers hadn’t rescued those banks then those employees wouldn’t have jobs, let alone bonuses Yes.. and? That’s something of a non-sequitur, akin to telling a small child that […]

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I’ve been considering politics, in kind of abstract terms.. It seems to me that in so many instances, politicians do just enough to get elected, but no more. Like, I get that Obama won a landslide in terms of electoral college votes, but in terms of the popular vote it was split so closely.. So […]

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President Bush, on September 20th 2001: Our war on terror begins with al Qaeda, but it does not end there. It will not end until every terrorist group of global reach has been found, stopped and defeated. It would be hilarious, were it not so tragic, just how utterly wrong he was. That he thought […]

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Help me to understand.. If Obama is a “socialist”, intent on “sharing the wealth”, then why does he have “wealthy liberal backers”? Isn’t that a bit, well, broken..? I mean seriously, if he’s so intent on stealing money away from hard working rich folk and giving it to the lazy poor, then why does he […]

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Tags: I think I’d have to say that Geoff Hoon is a fucking nutcase. She asked: “How much more control can they have? How far is he prepared to go to undermine civil liberties?” Mr Hoon interjected: “To stop terrorists killing people in our society, quite a long way actually.” “If they are going to […]

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Well, that is interesting.. We’ll put aside for a second the fact that action prior to an election is generally avoided. Who needs the risk of a potentially unpopular decision barely more than a month before people head to the polls? But that’s not exactly what this is.. In my head, I have this analogy, […]

Sep 30th, 2008 | Filed under LiveJournal Import Stuff like this inevitably winds me up.. There’s something fundamentally wrong with the American psyche when it comes to taking important things seriously.. “She says it like it is”“I think she has strong moral values”“She’s doing great things, supporting her church and supporting her family” Does any of this really qualify her for anything? […]

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There was a question on HYS (the most ridiculous opinion forum ever) about whether Russia’s relationship with the US had been harmed… It’s funny, because I would say that the answer is a resounding “no”. Just as Russia had obviously been waiting for an excuse to put Georgia in its place, so too had the […]

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Remarks like this: “The territorial integrity and belonging of South Ossetia and Abkhazia to Georgia can never be put under doubt,” the Georgian leader said. Are the main reason why I simply can’t support Georgia. These regions are not theirs to own. Tweet

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