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Most Haunted is on right now. The stupid cow doing it keeps talking about seeing “light anomalies”. They are fucking moths. Who the shit watches this? Tweet

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So, in random news, I watched the last episode of Stargate Atlantis.. Uh, tma, what the hell were you on about? That was not a good episode, unless your measure of “good” relates to the proportion of the season’s special effects budget that gets spent on something. The main threat (and therefore the plot) was […]

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TV is bad. Movies are bad. Literature is bad. Books that are popular but are not really considered literature are also bad. But really, the problem is stories. I came up with a good phrase for this, “narrative imperative”, but it turns out that I’m certainly not the first person to coin that phrase. It […]

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The last few days have been pretty much excellent.. Working in reverse chronological order, for fun, yesterday Naomi and I picked up her “new car”, which is in fact a courtesy car until her actual new car is ready.. Apparently the garage managed to lose the car registration, and as such, have to request new […]

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So tonight I went to see a taping of The Graham Norton Show. A very good time was had, and I am now giving up valuable sleep time so as to write things down before I forget.. We were some of the last people to get in, and there was concern that there wouldn’t be […]

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This is surreal.. Naomi and I had been wondering where the bus we get home from town stops before it gets to our stop.. Just because it’s sometimes a pain to get to our stop – lots of people waiting there, back of the queue, etc.. Anyway, I couldn’t work out where in town it […]

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