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Naomi and I went on a walk yesterday… I say “went on a walk” – when we went out, I assumed we’d have a wander around for half an hour and then head back to the car. Our walks around Windsor Park haven’t been particularly lengthy, and I figured we’d just take in the views […]

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I managed to give myself a huge blister on my thumb from playing guitar this evening.. Oh how I’ve missed that.. And it’s not all that important since I can use a pick next time I want to play, so the lack of a thumb is not an issue.. Importantly, my guitar was mildly out […]

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Not bad for a phone, really.. I saw several of these, I’m not sure exactly what you’d call them.. Not really ponds, but shallow dips in fields, surrounded by trees, and full of water.. Each one was roughly the same – just random holes in fields, several trees around the edge, and often with weird […]

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Well that was a nice walk.. Five miles, give or take.. It took me along what used to be a railway (and what is now a cycle path), up through a little village, across very marshy fields, through some woods (though I dodged one lot of woods where it looked distinctly like there might be […]

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Okay, so yesterday’s walk probably wasn’t my brightest idea ever.. I woke up at 4am totally burning up, and had to throw water over myself in order to cool down.. I suspect that my immune system didn’t appreciate all the walking.. On the plus side, I got a bit of work done while I was […]

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I’m going to say that this one was between six and seven miles.. I’m not sure what to say about it.. Three hours of walking through muddy fields, flooded former roads, and along railway lines.. I took pictures, but I’m rather exhausted now, so I don’t think I’ll upload them just yet… Still, pretty good […]

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I walked back to the station tonight.. 2.2 miles in half an hour, which isn’t bad.. That’s largely thanks to Rihanna, or rather the tempo at which her songs run. I spent much of the time walking in time to fairly fast music, so it was hopefully rather good exercise.. Today I’ve done a total […]

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My goal is to walk (and I mean dedicated walking sessions, not just a consequence of regular living) over 100 miles between now and February 25th. That means doing 15 miles per week. Today’s contribution: 2.7 miles. Combined with yesterday’s 3.3 miles, that gives me a total of 6 miles thus far. So now I […]

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One day, they’ll make digital SLR cameras that have built in free 3G for uploading pictures to online repositories as you take them… Tweet

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